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Laundry Dryer 30 kg.

Laundry Dryer 30 kg.

SKU: PRF-ÇKME 4.3.30
  • Technicial Specifications

    Drying Capacity  30 kg/voyage 
    Drum Diameter  1145mm 
    Drum Depth  670mm 
    Cover Diameter  625mm 
    Body Structure  Anti-rust Painted DKP Profile 
      Electrostatic Powder Coated DKP Hair 
    Drum Material  Stainless Steel 
    Laundry Cover Material  Stainless Steel 
    Bidirectional Return  Available 
    Emergency Stop Button  Available 
    Cover Security System  Available 
    Control Panel  With Graphic Display 
    Drying Time Adjustment Feature  Available 
    Serpentine Temperature Control System  Temperature Probe 
    Remaining Time Display  Available 
    Number of Programs  1 Fixed Program 9 Adjustable Programs 
    Heating System  Electric 
    Heating Power  18.00 Kw 
    Drum Motor Power  0.75 kw - 1500 Dv/Min- Reducer Connection 
    Fan Motor Power  0.75 kw - 3000 Dv/Min 
    Total Power  18 – 19 kw 
    Electrical Connection  380V 
    Dimensions  1400x1050x1800 mm (±50 mm) 
    Machine Weight  370 kg 

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