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Meat Hanger Trolley

Meat Hanger Trolley

SKU: PRF-EAA-10055170PRF-EAA-10055170

Perfect for industrial kitchens

It is used to transport carcass meat by hanging it.

It has a stainless steel profile body,

There is a tray on the floor for the liquids drained from the meat.

It has 2 braked and 2 non-braked wheels,

The surroundings are open,

Quiet, easy to use

Easy to clean,

High quality stainless steel,

Very durable and long-lasting, high durability,

It is produced according to hygiene and safety rules.

  • Dimensions

    CODE SIZE(mm)
    PRF-EAA-10055170 1000x550x1700
    PRF-EAA-12055170 1200x550x1700
    PRF-EAA-15055170 1500x550x1700

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