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Food Slicing Machine

Food Slicing Machine

SKU: HBS-220

Product Information

It is preferred for salami and similar food slicing operations of small and medium-sized enterprises.
Aluminum anodized body provides clean and hygienic use.
The knife can be sharpened during use with its two-way sharpening system.
The adjustment roller, which provides precise cutting depth, offers standard cutting.
It is resistant to rust.

  • Technicial Specifications

    Code Model Voltage (V) Blade Diameter (mm) Cutting Thickness (mm) Power (kW)
    3120301 HBS-220 220 220 0.2-12 0.13
    3120300 HBS-250 220 250 0.2-12 0.15
    3120302 HBS-275 220 275 0.2-15 0.25
    3120303 HBS-300 220 300 0.2-16 0.25

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