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Self-Boiler Pascala Ironing Machine

Self-Boiler Pascala Ironing Machine

  • The body structure is made of DKP sheet material and coated with electrostatic powder paint.
  • Ergonomic design provides ease of transportation and placement of the machine.
  • The steam becomes ready in a short time (8 minutes).
  • The plate temperature is adjusted by the thermostat and provides uninterrupted ironing for long periods of time.
  • It automatically transfers water from the water tank it contains.
  • Thanks to its combined system, it does not require an additional steam generator.
  • Technicial Specifications

    Pump Power 0.37kw
    Vacuum Engine 0.37kw
    Heating Power 5kw
    Operating pressure 3.5 Bar
    Steam Capacity 24kg/h
    Water Tank Volume 30 liters
    Width 1400mm
    Depth 450mm
    Height 900mm
    Weight 70 kg

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