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Conveyor Dish Washing Machine

Conveyor Dish Washing Machine

SKU: BYF-300

Product Information

The body of the machine and all parts in contact with water are made of AISI 304 quality 18/8 Cr-Ni stainless steel sheet.
Automatic timer is provided as a standard feature. Washing, rinsing, drying and condensation sections automatically cut off their energy to save energy.
It has a removable input tray for easy cleaning and quick loading.
Simple control group and clear symbols make the machine easier to use.
Different modules of the machine are monitored with digital thermometers.
It has a moisture outlet section with air and water energy recovery system.
The double rinse system is an excellent way to reduce water and detergent consumption.
The continuous polymer conveyor can be adapted to different types of containers to be washed.
Variable speed conveyor supplied as standard provides excellent speed control.
All main components are easily accessible since they are placed at the front of the machine.
The self-draining washing pump provides better and more hygienic cleaning by draining the used water.
“L” shaped washing tanks provide high water level on the pump suction. This feature means perfect pump usage.
It has a large filter basket that can be easily removed.
Modular construction allows machine assembly to be carried out in accordance with customer standards.
There is a pre-rinse pump combined with a solenoid valve for automatic drainage at the end of washing.
There are different conveyor models to suit any type of washing needed.
It has an adjustable, safe, non-slip, protected conveyor chain drive.

  • Technicial Specifications

    Code Size (mm) Power (kW) Weight (kg) Voltage (V) Capacity (Cassette/hour) Capacity (Plate/hour)
    BYF-300 2750 x 1760 x 2170 39.5 400 400V,3N,50Hz 120 3000
    BYF-360 3350 x 1760 x 2170 41.0 480 400V,3N,50Hz 150 3600
    BYF-450 3700 x 1760 x 2170 42.5 540 400V,3N,50Hz 200 4500
    BYF-520 4300 x 1760 x 2170 54.5 620 400V,3N,50Hz 280 5200
    BYF-600 4650 x 1760 x 2170 56.0 690 400V,3N,50Hz 350 6000

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