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Tray Transport Trolley

Tray Transport Trolley

SKU: PRF-TTA-4060/15

The tray trolley is perfect for restaurants and hotels,

For 15 trays of 40x60 cm and 50x70 cm
For 15 GN 1/1 and GN 2/1 gastronomy trays,

It has 2 braked and 2 non-braked wheels,

Quiet, easy to use

Easy to clean,

High quality stainless steel,

Very durable and long-lasting, high durability,

Shelf rear security bar,

Distance between shelves: 65 mm Open bottom, cup holder on top, open around,

It is produced according to hygiene and safety rules.

  • Dimensions

    PRF-TTA-4060/15 Based on 40x60 Tray 460x650x1640
    PRF-TTA-5070/15 Based on 70x50 Tray 560x750x1640
    PRF-TTA-3353/15 GN1/1 Based on Tray 390x550x1640
    PRF-TTA-5365/15 GN2/1 Based on Tray 590x670x1640

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