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Established in 2010 in the industrial kitchen equipment sector, Profinoks Kitchen has achieved significant success in the sector in a short time with its high quality standards, past experience, product variety and project completion processes.
In addition to being a lean industrial kitchen company based on customer satisfaction in all our works, we also provide product and project coordination by providing consultancy services to our customers on the products and projects they need. We set our quality standards in advance for the products we produce and the projects we complete, and we maintain this quality approach without compromising until we reach the result.
In our opinion, quality refers to the proven accuracy of the work to be done. In other words, it is the most important element of life that people should deal with in a multifaceted way, especially health and life safety. Quality should not be perceived only as product quality. In our opinion, quality is a standard and should take place in all areas of life.
That's why Profinoks Kitchen; It offers the products that customers need with high diversity and quality standards.
Our company, which operates in the kitchen sector, will continue to work by providing all kinds of infrastructure necessary to keep its employees and customers alive, especially within the framework of operation, order and system, with the participation of you.




The mission we have undertaken as PROFINOKS MUTFAK; To continue to produce projects with a high standard product and quality-oriented service approach in the sector in which we operate. In this direction, our goal is to fulfill our responsibilities towards the environment and universal values, and to progress towards our goals together with the developing Turkey.


Since our establishment, our company has been shaped on the motto of "Superior Service, Final Solution and Trust". The meaning of this vision for us is to deserve the trust placed in us in the market every day with the products and services we offer and to carry it to higher levels by ensuring customer satisfaction.

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As Profinoks Kitchen, our most important product is QUALITY. Quality becomes meaningful when it is a sustainable and improvable service. Our company will continue to offer solution-oriented projects with sustainable quality standards.

Our Quality Policies;

  • QUALITY is the culture of our company. We will constantly improve it.

  • We will prepare customer requests as soon as possible and in the best way possible.

  • In addition to solving the problems we encounter in line with our goals, it is to investigate the source of the problem and prevent its recurrence.

  • By organizing training programs for our employees, we will realize development as a primary condition at all stages.

  • We will always provide you with the right one with the kitchen equipment and accessories that we have manufactured in accordance with international standards.

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